How To Make A Man’s Taste Work For Your Decor


When you live with a boy, you can often feel like you’re trying to combine two tastes into one, and it doesn’t always work. You can end up with a sort of mishmash decor that serves no purpose at all. So, to avoid that, you’re going to want to go with one style. Although you might usually pull rank and take charge of the design choices, it could be super cool to actually go with his (but only if it’s good). Sometimes, your dream home isn’t what you thought it would be. Instead, it takes on a most masculine decor but still looks impeccably chic.

Choose A Minimal Theme

The first step on your male-influenced decor journey is to stick to one set theme. Although minimalism is liked by a lot of diverse people, it is definitely a favourite with the male gender. So, you’re going to want to do what you can to keep your decor streamlined and definitely without frills. A minimal design theme can even make your home look super stylish, organized and tidy too!

Go With Dark Colours

Then, you’re going to want to pick out the colours that you’re going to work with. You may even want to let him do this – with a little supervision of course (we can’t have clashes). There are so many interior colour schemes that you could consider going with, but the ones that always seem to look masculine are often dark. Even if you always thought your home would be light and airy, you can create an insanely creative design using blues and greys, greens and blacks and be completely impressed.

Buy Classic Furniture

Although you will find that some modern furniture designs will look masculine, and even go with your desired minimal theme, you’ll want to opt for classic styles. When you think about traditional furniture styles, heritage designs, and even well-crafted vintage furniture, it always has a very strong and masculine feel to it, like a solid wood bar or vintage chesterfield sofa. Plus, when you opt for classic designs, you get to add a lot of character and personality to your otherwise minimal home.

Work With Textures

Next, you might want to consider working with a range of different textures. Leathers are always quite masculine, but so is metal. The trick to creating a very manly edge with your interiors is to try and mix them up wherever you can. Although you’re not going to want to add soft furnishings, you can change up the materials you use for flooring, furniture, and even for fittings and fixtures.

Have Social Spaces

One of the most impressive parts of a male-oriented decor, especially with somewhere like a classic ‘bachelor pad’, is the focus on social spaces. Open plan living is often the style of choice, with room for socializing, eating, drinking, or gaming all in one go. So, why not think about adding a bar into the corner of your kitchen, or a lounging space in your basement to create a social feel.


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