Home Decoration Tips Built For Summer Success


Summer is by far the greatest season of the year. Now that the sun is shining, we are all feeling happy, energized, and ready to make huge improvements in our lives. What better place to start than the home? After all, this provides the foundations for a brighter lifestyle for all the family.

So what are the best ways to inject fresh energy and modernize your home with almost immediate results? Let me take a closer look…

Get Outside

If there’s one thing that we all love about summer, it’s the opportunity to get outside on a more frequent basis. The garden is your piece of land and nature. By utilizing this space to its full potential, you’ll add a whole new dimension to the property. This is why it should be an instant priority.

Perfecting the garden doesn’t require as much work as you’d think. Invest in Bramblecrest furniture, hanging flower baskets, and a great BBQ set for the perfect appearance. If you have kids, then a trampoline or jungle gym could be an equally great addition.

Maintenance putting you off? Replace grass with an artificial lawn, and things will suddenly seem a lot easier.

grass image 1.jpg

Let There Be Light

In addition to enjoying the outside warmth, why not bring some of it directly into the home? This is the perfect time to dress the windows in a way that will encourage more natural light. Should privacy be an issue, window films will solve those problems.

Perhaps the best way to improve the lighting situation, though is to paint the walls in a lighter shade. Many people find that going for three main walls and one feature wall provides a contemporary vibe. However, the options are plentiful.

Strategically placed mirrors can work wonders to make the room look bigger too. Replace old lighting with a dimmer switch too, and you’ll be in a great position.

Think About Air Circulation

After months of wanting to make the home warmer, the new job is to ensure it stays cool. Again the right windows will certainly help. However, you cannot afford to end the project there.

Installing a ceiling fan is a great addition that will pay for itself through reduced energy bills. Choose one that also boasts a slow speed setting, and it could be used to circulate heat in the winter months too. If nothing else, it can be a great way to remove smells.

Small rooms will fall victim to this problem on a far more frequent basis. So prioritize those areas.

Start Up cycling

A summer clear out and garage sale should generate money and create space around the home. This can be a perfect start to your summer upgrade. But you can do so much more.

Summer is the perfect season for completing a few up cycling projects. Those jobs can range from restoring old furniture to turning toys into bedroom decorations for the kids. Given the hidden costs of home living costs, those savings are crucial. Not only will it make the home look better, but it’ll save you money in the process.

When added to the emotional satisfaction, it becomes a no-brainer. If you catch a nice tan during the process, that’s simply a bonus.


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