Preparing For Spring, Sun, And Summer Fun

Let’s be honest: spring and summer are probably the two best seasons of the year…no more hiding away behind ugly, thick coats or in bitterly cold homes. We’re all free to venture out in the world again. Everybody starts living, partying, relaxing, and just generally having fun. I’m not saying winter can’t be fun too, as everybody loves the festivities of Christmas, but spring and summer are like one long Christmas celebration (well, when we’re not all stuck in dull offices staring longingly at the sunshine outside). If you’re excited for these sunny seasons but you feel entirely unprepared then here are all the pieces of advice you need to have a great time in the sun over spring and summer.

Health and fitness:

This is the first thing on most people’s minds as soon as the sun starts to break out from the clouds. Sun equals beach days, shorts, and everybody getting their midriffs out; that means you’re thinking about how good you’re going to look in your summer-wear. Whilst the goal of attaining the peak physique shouldn’t be the only motivation to look after the health of your body, any reason to take care of yourself will do. The key to health and fitness is not to take the quick route to success. Fad diets won’t hold up in the long run, and your weight will just bounce back to its original state (or worse).

excersice image one

You need to find a health and fitness routine that you can stick to. That might mean gradually going on longer and longer jogs every day as you slowly increase your stamina and overall health. When it comes to eating, you should be opting for a consistent diet that you can stick to on a permanent basis. It’s not about eating very little food but eating the right food. If you consistently get all the proteins and nutrients you need (without going overboard on the carbohydrates) then you’ll notice that any excess weight drops off very quickly. You’re allowed the odd treat because living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance and moderation; you shouldn’t be starving yourself. If you have a healthy routine then your body can handle the odd snack.


This is the most exciting part of the sunny seasons: fashion. You can finally try out that beautiful, flowery skirt you’ve watched gather dust in your wardrobe through the colder months of the heart; or perhaps those flowery shorts if you happen to be a guy. Whatever the case, it’s now your time to shine. You no longer have to cover up your favourite shirts with terrible jumpers, and you now (hopefully, depending on the weather) won’t have to worry about your perfectly-made hair being ruined by rain or the wind.

Maybe you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe this year. You’re probably excited to go spring shopping, and you’ve probably already treated yourself to some fashionable clothes and accessories for both spring and summer, but you should be doing so for the right reasons; if you already have a million pairs of shoes and you’re just using shopping to fix your mood then it might be time to stop. It’s easy to head down the rabbit hole when it comes to shopping, but there’s a fine line between refreshing your wardrobe and an addiction (I think I have an addiction). If you want to enjoy these sunny months then you should be doing things for fun and not if your bank account can’t afford it.


If you’ve not bought tickets for a summer music festival yet then you most certainly should. This needs to be at the top of your priority list. Even if the weather isn’t great, there’s no better place to go to enjoy all the perks of summer than a music festival; it’s all about fashion, friendship, music, great food, and lots of drinking.

A festival is the perfect synopsis of summer, and it’s all crammed into one weekend. You might not be a big fan of mud and camping, but you’ll be drinking so much and doing so little sleeping that those aspects will barely register in your mind. It’s all about the music and having a good time; even if you don’t know half of the acts, that’s part of the experience.

summer beach image


You likely don’t need to be told that you should take a holiday, but money and the ability to take so much time off work might be two factors holding you back from taking the plunge and booking a trip to somewhere. If there was ever the perfect opportunity to use some of your days off at work then summer shouldn’t definitely be it; is the sun not enough of an incentive? You don’t want to be wasting your days off on some lazy days around the house throughout the year (maybe you do, but you’ll regret missing your chance at a holiday during the hottest point of the year).

If you don’t have the money then you could always consider looking at places other than exquisite resorts in Ibiza. Going on a holiday closer to home can be cheap and just as exciting if you go with your friends, family, or any other loved ones. It’s all about enjoying the sunny season, and you can do that anywhere in the world if you’re with the right people. You could visit a city or town you’ve never seen before; you could even head up the coast to a seaside resort you’ve always known was close by but never managed to visit. The world is your oyster.


Depending on how old you and your friends are, you might have the whole summer to roam free or you might spend the entire week longing for Friday so that you can all go out and get drunk. Whatever the case, you and your mates should be living it large and enjoying the sun. One of you could throw a BBQ for friends and family, or you could all chill inside on colder days and enjoy a few midday drinks (it’s summer – you’ve earned it).

There is no rulebook as to how you should all be enjoying these spring and summer months, but as long as you’re doing something with your friends, rather than wasting away in your room, then you’re doing summer correctly. Check what’s on in your local area if you and your buddies are bored and you want an excuse to get outside and show off your summery outfits. There are usually heaps of events at local parks as soon as the sun pops out from behind the clouds.

summer jumping image.JPG

Make the most of the sun.

You probably don’t need to be told twice, as this is what you’ve been waiting for anyway. The first sign of sunshine and we all run outside in our swimsuits, throw ourselves on the nearest lounger, and soak up some rays. Getting a tan is probably your number one objective for the summer, and so it should be. The sun probably won’t be around for long, unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where it shines for half of the year. Make the most of it now, either way, because you want that tan to last you as close as possibly to next year’s summer. It never does, but you can always dream.

Enjoy the food.

I know – being told to enjoy food is like being told to breathe. You were going to do it regardless, but let’s expand on what I mean here. You enjoy food all year round, but summer is special, isn’t it? These warmer months bring far better food than we get for the rest of the year. Strawberries are in season, for starters. But that might not be enough for you (are you crazy?), so think of all the cherries, tomatoes, watermelons, and berries! Summer is the season of sweet, delicious food packed full of flavour. There’s no denying it, really. Plus, let’s not forget the joy of hearing an ice cream van pulling into your street; ice cream in winter doesn’t have the same effect if we’re being honest.

Get a summer anthem.

Even music sounds better during summer! If you loved the earlier suggestion to go to a music festival but you don’t have the funds to do so, unfortunately, then you’ll have to find your vibes and dance with your friends elsewhere. Whether it’s at a party or sitting in your back garden, everybody needs a summer jam to really add some punch to the season.

It’s hard to say whether music makes summer better or summer makes music better. Either way, there’s something wonderful about hearing a top notch tune on the radio and knowing that it will define some of the brilliant memories you’re about to make over the coming months. Find that summer anthem, and play it at every opportunity you get (even when your friends and family tell you to give it a rest).

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