Get Dressed By The Kids for Oxfam

Last year’s Dressed by the Kids event was so successful, that Oxfam are doing it all over again on Friday 16th June (tomorrow)! In case you haven’t heard much about the event, it’s quite self-explanatory really. Basically, your kids get to choose your outfit for the day. And that’s all there is to it!

…Except you have to stay in that outfit, all day. No matter what they choose to put you in (yes, really) 😉🙊.


The event is for a really good cause. Oxfam is one of the UK’s most well-known charities, and they are raising money to try and support the 1 billion people that are living in poverty across the world.

Oxfam tries to improve the lives of those living in poverty. They help to give children an education, provide food for starving families, and offer safe drinking water, something that we never have to think twice about.

Did you know that…

Just £10 could buy chickens (otherwise known as egg factories) for a hungry family.

Just £27 could help to train a teacher so that more children can be educated.

Why not help to raise that money by participating in something as simple as being dressed up by your children whilst having a giggle at the same time!

The date for registering has passed, but you can still spontaneously get involved tomorrow…so find your children, ask them to pick an outfit for you to wear, and raise some money for Oxfam.

Let’s face it, they’re doing you a favour because you don’t have that “What do I wear?” struggle on Friday morning. It’ll be decided for you! There are workplaces, schools and even celebs getting involved nationwide, so if you see another mum running down the street in her ballgown and cowboy hat, don’t question it.

You can find out and even download everything you need here:

Don’t forget to show the world your crazy outfit by sharing a pic on social media using the hashtag #DressedByTheKids. Oh and don’t forget to tag @OxfamGB so they can have a laugh, I mean, admire your outfit too!


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