Balancing Feminine and Masculine Details in Your Home

When you live alone, decorating and furnishing your home is simple. You get to have everything your own way, from the ceilings right down to the floors. Your home can be an exact representation of your personality. If you’re ultra feminine, you can have all of the pink tones, comfortable furniture and smooth edges that you like. If you’re more masculine, you can have dark walls, bold furniture, and strong accented features.

But what happens when you move into a home with someone who has a completely different taste to you? The key is to compromise. Neither of you should have to conform entirely to the other’s ideas when it comes to creating a space to live in. But how do you balance feminine and masculine details? Here are a few things to try out:

Color Schemes

Every home needs a color palette. This will create a sense of continuity throughout your home, with one room running effortlessly into the other. Bold jumps from one color to a completely contrasting one can make a home feel jarred. So stick with neutral tones for the walls, ceilings, and carpets. Soft, plain colors make for a perfect canvas for further design. They are non-confrontational and will maintain a sense of harmony in your home. You can then use alternative colors to accessorize and create alternate atmospheres in different rooms.

colour image


Find a compromise between bulky, heavy furniture and light, slimline designs. This can be done in two ways. Allow yourself to have one feature piece of furniture per room that is uber feminine or masculine. Then complement it with different accessories and details to balance the feel of the room. This could be achieved by pairing contemporary large corner sofas with soft, lightweight cushions and a cozy throw for the evenings. Perhaps you could match a flamboyant chandelier with a dark, hardwood coffee table or bookcase.


People forget that scent can have a huge impact on the feeling you get from a room. If a masculine person has a room of their own where they keep their belongings and hang out, you could leave a deeply scented candle burning in there (supervised, of course). Try out earthy scents like sandalwood, tobacco, cedar, and suede. Alternatively, many cologne manufacturers also offer candles in their signature scents. For a feminine person’s space, use more sweet or floral scents. Vanilla, rose, butter and caramel are all delicious. For more neutral spaces, try out citrus scents. These are fresh and sweet, suiting most people’s tastes.

candles image

The 80/20 Rule

There is a general rule in home design that states: if a room is 80% continuous in its style, you can get away with a deviant 20%. So, try this out with your rooms. Try out a room that is 80% feminine with 20% masculine additions or vice versa. This gives the best of both worlds without your home looking chaotic or mismatched. It will also ensure that each room has a touch of each person in it and your home will reflect both of you perfectly.


3 thoughts on “Balancing Feminine and Masculine Details in Your Home

  1. Alyssa says:

    I once put up a picture and asked my parter how he liked it. “It’s too girly,” he said. “This whole house is girly.” My paint colours are greys, blues and whites. It’s funny how we individually personify colour schemes.

    Liked by 1 person

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