What Are The Hidden Costs Of Your Home Sweet Home?

home sweet home imageHome is where the heart belongs if the saying is to be trusted. It is also where the homeowners balance a variety of costs – financial, health-related, and some more of an emotional nature. However, more often than not, when people think of home and costs, it’s only the ever increasing household budget that jumps to mind. But transforming your home into a sweet and welcoming place doesn’t come for free. It comes at a cost, monetary, emotional and physical. How much you value each of these elements will define the design, cosiness, and comfort of your home. Prepare to explore the various cost of the home improvement, home décor, and home maintenance.

Start With Your Retreat Room: The Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where you can rest and relax to recharge your energy. Consequently, it is essential to make the most of its décor and design, so that you can have a good night sleep. The most important, when it comes to the bedroom is naturally the quality of the bed and the freshness of your bedding. As a rule of the thumb, your mattress needs to be changed every five to eight years, depending on the type of mattress you have and how much your body has changed during this time. Additionally, you should be looking to change your bedding every week or every fortnight. If you sleep with pets, aim for a weekly change and wash. In other words, you need up to four different duvet and pillow covers to make sure that you can wash and change them easily.

For most individuals, the idea of changing the mattress so regularly is an unnecessary expense. As quality mattresses can cost anything from £500 to £1,000, it is rarely the kind of expense that you want to add to your household budget, especially when you already have a mattress. However, sleeping on an old mattress alters the quality of your sleep and can have an impact on your performance during day time. Additionally, lack of sleep, when caused by poor bedding solutions, is a recurring issue that can gradually increase your sensitivity to illnesses and depression.  How much do you value your sleep?

The Room That Fuels Your Body: The Kitchen

The kitchen is the second most important room in your home, as it is the room that is responsible for providing your body with the energy its needs. Consequently, whether you enjoy cooking or not, it’s essential that your kitchen is well equipped to fuel your body. Unfortunately, keeping your kitchen appliances up to date is a costly business, and it is one you need to plan well in advance to research your potential loans interest rate and get an estimate from a professional. Kitchens do show signs of wear and tear within a few years’ time, as they are designed to be used at least twice a day. As a result, you can expect to be planning kitchen renovation every eight years in average.   

Many might be tempted to reduce the kitchen cost to a minimum and only keep simple and practical appliances. While this will cut down your renovation costs, you are also likely to embrace the processed food phenomenon as it means that you can cook a variety of meal with only a microwave oven. Why bother will anything else, especially when a hob and a microwave oven present a very affordable price? The main reason for bothering with any other appliances is to keep your body fuelled with healthy food. Processed food is naturally high in sugar and fat, which put you at risk of developing health issues. Healthy food requires preparation and therefore the proper appliances. It’s a question of how much you value your health.

The Room That Makes You Pretty: The Bathroom

You may not think about it as the pretty room, but the bathroom is the room in which you get ready for work in the morning. It’s essential to your social lifestyle. Besides, as bathrooms are used by the whole family at different times throughout the day, they too tend to show early signs of wear. It’s not uncommon for your shower to develop a dull shine after a few years’ time. Additionally, if you don’t have a quality ventilation system, you may find traces of mould on your bathroom walls, ceiling, or even on the tile grout. First of all, a reminder: You should give your bathroom a weekly clean to remove all health risk. However, it’s important to consider changing your bath equipment when it becomes dull and porous. As a rule of the thumb, changing your bathroom is estimated to cost £3,000, that is if you plan it thoroughly. The cost also depends on the type of bath, sink, shower, and toilet that you choose to install. Some bathtubs can cost up to £10,000, so you need to plan and budget it in advance!

Surprisingly enough, the bathroom is the room that people are more likely to want to change. This is because the signs of wear are visible and can be worrying if they show mouldy patches. However, you need to be aware that changing the shower will not remove the mould. You need to address the issues directly and identify ways to reduce the moisture in the room. A new ventilation system, large windows, and a de-moisturiser are ideal to improve the health of your bathroom.

The Overall Maintenance

There’s no home sweet home, naturally, without regular home maintenance. Home maintenance can mean anything from mowing the lawn to fixing the roof. Consequently, it can be both associated with DIY activities and improvement projects. As a result, home maintenance can add a heavy burden onto the household budget. But you wouldn’t want to give up on maintaining your home, though.

flowers image

A lot of homeowners don’t think about improving their garden. However, a garden design is essential to spread the homely feeling to the whole property. Whether it is about flower arrangements or building a sitting area outside, a welcoming garden makes you feel happy. Surely you want the home sweet home feeling to include the garden!








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