The Home Can Be The Best Stress-Busting Tool You Got

Modern life is a pretty stressful affair what with the half-a-hundred responsibilities (self-assumed and given) that we juggle from day-to-day. It’s no surprise that people are always finding new ways to deal with the tension that builds up and to give themselves a bit of a break. If you’re looking for a new tool, however, then perhaps you should look closer to home. In fact, maybe you should look at the home. It can become your haven, your sanctuary, your den of Zen. You just need to make it fit the role.

dogs on bed image.PNG

See some happy

Our environments affect our mood majorly. One of the ways they do that is through how they look. Creating a bright, happy home is more likely to result in a bright, happy person. But you can make it feel like your very own sanctuary, as well. Personalised bits of décor like signs from Getting Personal or a wall display of photos, postcards, and memories can create a feel-good focal point for any room.

Stick your nose in

They say one of the most powerful senses of the sense of smell, so you shouldn’t neglect that, either. To that end, it’s not all that difficult to turn the home into your own little aromatherapy zone. Additions like Flamingo candle fragrances can help you set the perfect scene for your home, whether it’s a bright, natural scene or something sweet and warm like cinnamon. Scents can fill out through the whole home, entirely changing the mood of the space.

A touch of softness

We can’t neglect our tactile nature of human beings, either. Regardless of whether you like the rugged or minimalist approach to décor, you should never forget our need for a bit of softness. In particular, it’s essential to getting sleep which in turn is essential to fighting stress. There are a variety of different mattresses from places like John Ryan by Design to help you better personalise that tactile approach. If you deal in wooden floors, it’s also a good idea to give yourself an area rug here and there, particularly beside the bed. You might like how clean a wood floor feels, but cold, hard surfaces aren’t the first thing you want to feel when you wake up and get out of bed.

Taking some space

The bedroom is a fantastic space for shrugging off space, but if you have an outdoor area, that can be just as helpful. Gardens are best used when they allow you to enjoy a bit of nature with some distance from the outside world. It’s not possible to fully soundproof a garden, but you can add a layer of separation by using tall bushes instead of fences and installing a water feature which tends to insulate it a bit better.

A home that feels like a home can really make a huge difference in how you cope at the end of the day. It can be a crowded, cluttered space that keeps you in high-gear or it can be that mellow manse that takes you away from it all. Hopefully, the tips above help you make it the latter.


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