Redecorating Philosophies For Your Living Room

The living room should be one of, if not the most exciting room in your entire house. It’s where you’ll spend most of your time when hosting an entertaining dinner party, lounging around with friends and family in the holiday season, and laughing and catching up with the children. Seeing as it’s most likely the largest room in the home, it’s a complex task to redecorate without over-extending yourself in the process. You’re going to have to play to your house’s strengths, hide the flaws and make it attractive to almost anyone who walks through the door. There are several techniques you could use to freshen up the room without breaking open your bank account.

living room image

Source – Miserv

Keep the walls light

The decor you choose is going to be varied and possibly reflect more than just one person’s style. So the colour on the walls shouldn’t be fighting the furniture of other interior pieces like artwork. Stick to a color scheme that is light and bright, because vibrant colours are less likely to jump out and start to wrestle the room for attention. A beige or a grey, is something that flows gently throughout the room. Neutral paints offer the greatest flexibility and keep the focal point on the decor. Additionally, if two small rooms are conjoined, such as the living room and dining area, a singular neutral colour will give the impression of a much larger space.

Renovating tired-looking flooring

Renovating will be no mean feat, but it’s going to be one of the most rewarding experiences any homeowner could enjoy. You need to expose the flooring and fit pristine, dark wood, clear varnished floorboard. Although more expensive, fitting new reclaimed wood is one of the hottest flooring trends as of late. The popular vintage style is a great bang for buck technique that often parquets in art galleries and museums. When lifting up the old floorboards, if you see an issue with the bottom structure, this could be due to animal infestation, so call in somebody like Youngs Pest Control to make sure your room is clear from the hygienic integrity being compromised.

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Image by – Miserv

Artwork and mirrors

Hanging art on your walls is your chance to show the world that enters your home, that you’re cultured and sophisticated. However, it will look pretty ridiculous if you were to hang your pictures too high on the walls. The artwork must be at eye level, so guests have no need to stretch to admire your selections. Take scale into account, as for a large wall, go big with a piece that you like, however, if a wall is encumbered with a sideboard, or a large china cabinet, in accordance with the room spared, go small to medium size for the painting.  

Mirrors can bring new life into a room, with a brighter expansion of room as the bright light bounces around from all four corners. Put a mirror on the walls perpendicular to the windows, and not directly across from them as this can cause a blinding effect by concentrating the sunshine. Additionally, hanging a mirror right in front of a window is actually counter-productive as most of the light is bounced right back out.


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