The bathroom of my dreams…

When we bought our house two years ago and gutted the bathroom, I did lots of internet stalking for inspiration and came across some of the most amazing designs. Unfortunately, our bathroom isn’t the biggest of rooms so I kept the style of ours to a minimal black and white theme but as a girl can dream, I’ve decided to share with you what my ideal bathroom would include…

Pooing like royalty

Nowadays you can get a toilet to actually give you a massage as you “do your thing”, I mad is that? My friend recently stayed in a hotel where the loo came with an instruction manual! Now, I’m not saying I would want a toilet to do as much as that one can do, but I wouldn’t say no to one with a heated seat.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-05 at 07.15.47

Showering in Style

Showers like the easy access showers for the elderly are amazing, why do they have to be for the older generation hey? Ideally, we would love a bathroom big enough to include a massive shower like one of those. It would have to have a TV built in of course and I wouldn’t mind it being one of those that makes the water change colour too! (Not that i’m fussy)

walk in shower image

Bathing the night away

Having a bath is one of my most favourite things, but I never do it at our house. The reason for this is because we have the most uncomfortable bath ever! I was warned by our plumber that a square bath (pic of ours below) would not be comfy and me thinking “but they’re pretty” went and got one anyway but how right he was! 😏 My ideal bath would be nice and big and have a spa/Jacuzzi setting! It would also have a cushion to rest my neck on!
Bathroom image 2

Other bits and bobs

I wouldn’t want a sink to do anything fancy, as long as it looked nice I would be happy. There are plenty of other things I would choose for my dream bathroom though. For a start I would want some sort of device that plays music (yes, I sing in the shower) because I love listening to music. I would also want a few plants to brighten the place up and a towel rail that’s also a radiator (we have one of these at the moment and it’s great). Now…a bit of a strange one but I would also want a chair in the corner of the bathroom, don’t ask me why but I’ve always thought a decorative chair in a bathroom looks good (every bathroom I designed on The Sims had one). Last but not least, I also think a bathroom needs plenty of storage…some nice shelves to display some pretty accessories and a cupboard or two to hide away those not so pretty essentials.

What would you choose to put in your dream bathroom? I’d love to know if there’s anything else I’ve not thought of. Let me know in the comments below… 



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