Get Your Bedroom Ready for Sleep Without Stripping It of Style

When you read about the perfect bedroom for a good night’s sleep, they often end up sounding kind of dull. Recommendations often include things like reducing clutter and using calming colours, which can leave you wondering how you’re meant to show your personality in your bedroom decor. You want to sleep well, but you don’t want to abandon the idea of having a stylish bedroom. Fortunately, you can set up your room for sleep and still make sure it looks fantastic. Some of these tips will help you redesign your bedroom so you can drift off to dreamland more easily but still enjoy the style of your bedroom when you’re not sleeping.

Find a Calming Colour Scheme You Love

Calming colours don’t need to be dull, and they’re one of the things that can help you get off to sleep. If you want your room’s colour scheme to calm you, you don’t have to go with a completely white or neutral theme. The important thing is to pick the colours that you find calming. That might mean that you invest in a set of white sheets from Richard Haworth or it could equally mean you decide to paint your walls powder blue. You’re likely to find that more muted colours help to calm you, but you don’t have to leave colours out of your bedroom completely.

bed image

Section Off a Stylish Work Area

Some sleep experts recommend leaving your desk out of the bedroom. It can lead to clutter and make it hard to stop thinking about work when you go to bed. But in many homes, your bedroom is the best place to put it. If you don’t have the space anywhere else, you can consider finding a stylish way to section it off from the rest of the room. Put it behind a standing screen, so it looks like a changing area. Or perhaps hang a curtain around it to hide all your work from your bed.

Replace the TV with Some Artwork

A TV in your room isn’t a great idea if you want to sleep well. In fact, you should try to avoid all screens before you go to bed. You might like watching TV in bed, but it could be keeping you awake at night. Instead of having a television, consider replacing it with some calming artwork instead. You could have anything you want that you find attractive and enjoy looking at. You probably don’t want a print of The Scream, but you might like a calming landscape.

Embrace Minimalism

Avoiding too much clutter in your bedroom can help you sleep. That might sound like you have to leave your room practically empty, but it doesn’t have to result in a boring space. Minimalist design styles are popular everywhere. Try looking at a couple of different types of minimalist design, such as Scandinavian or Japanese design. You’ll see that you can make a room beautiful without having too much stuff in it.

Making your bedroom fit for a good night’s sleep doesn’t need to mean it’s boring. It can be stylish and still help you drift off.

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