Does Your Bedroom Have A Look Or Is It Just There?

There’s a very unfortunate trend in the utterly unjust treatment of one of the most important parts of a home. Of course, I’m talking about the bedroom. For a lot of people, it’s a space that’s about utility first and foremost. However, for some reason, a sense of comfort and relaxation isn’t included in that utility. Here, I’m going to look at what your bedroom really should be as opposed to what it is now.

flowers on bed image.PNG

A space worth waking up to

Mornings are best enjoyed while relaxing. But a lot of people are waking up to a room that they really don’t like to stay in for too long. For instance, a bedside rug can make a huge difference, making a much more comfortable landing than waking up to place your feet on jarring cold hardwood floors. Beautiful window treatments can make a big difference as well. Translucent treatments under the curtains can let you get some much-needed light in there while still maintaining enough privacy to enjoy some morning lazing.

The most important part of the room

Naturally, you can’t talk about the bedroom without talking about the bed. In reality, it should be the first thing that you choose when you’re redecorating it. It serves as the focal point, so using it to kickstart a theme can be a great idea. Choosing contemporary beds like a sleek wooden frame can give the room a clean natural feel, for instance. Meanwhile, leather beds work a lot better for those who would like their bedroom to have a sense of tactile luxury to it.

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Learning to treat it with respect

As much as the décor matters, how you manage it matters just as much if not more. The bedroom is where a lot goes on. Dressing, undressing, taking notes, keeping papers, looking between shoes. Decluttering it on the regular is essential. But you can make some additions to the bedroom that make it a lot easier. For instance, beds with storage space can make it a lot easier to tidy those shoes away, while keeping a mini-hamper under the bedside table can make it easy to tuck away any stray clothes without having to do a full tidy up when you might not have the time.

Your own space

The bedroom should be a space where you can be happy to spend private time, as well. To that end, what utility does it really afford? Add a place to sit that isn’t the bed even if you have a small bedroom and consider some sort of desk, whether it’s somewhere you can prop up your laptop or a vanity where you can spend time in the mornings getting ready or keeping important notes for the day. Having some liveable space that isn’t for sleeping in is an important component of a great bedroom.

When it comes to the bedroom, form is as important as function. The mood you get when you’re in it, how happy you are to be there, and how relaxed you can really get will impact how much you enjoy spending so much time in there.

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