Reinventing the bedroom with a new bed and some fresh bedding…

I’m certainly a lover of being in bed…I mean, to be fair, who doesn’t love sleep? We’ve recently treated ourselves to a new king size bed and it’s the comfiest thing ever. We decided on this Turin Grey storage bed from Amazon and the Simba mattress from John Lewis. It’s unique ‘hybrid-ness’ and it’s memory foam layer made it sound attractive to my super floppy joints and I have to say, so far, so good!

With our old one being a double, part of the excitement of getting this new bed was getting to splash out on some new bedding. I personally think that the bedding you choose really makes the room and has a big affect on the way you feel whilst you’re in there. One of my most favourite things ever (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this) is getting into bed after a shower with clean PJ’s and clean bedding…heaven! 😍

Whilst on my hunt for new bedding, I came across The Yorkshire Linen company, these guys have some really lovely bed sets and they’re really great prices too. I wanted a grey set and there is plenty of choice on there…

Of course, I couldn’t just get new bedding…I had to get cushions and a throw too! (Giving Mark another reason to moan at me as he removes a million cushions before he can get into bed 🙊).

The overall finish looks great and I’m surprised by how different a new bed and some fresh bedding can actually make a bedroom look.

We’ve put our old double bed in to our spare room so I shall be posting about this room’s new look on the blog very soon, keep an eye out.





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