A case that charges your phone? Surely not…

When I decided to treat myself to the Iphone seven a few months back, I gave my Iphone six to my mum (just one of the reasons I’m obviously her favourite daughter). When I had the six, one of it’s little niggles was the battery life not lasting as long as it should have (especially because of how much the blinking things cost). I’m not going to lie to you, whenever that little red battery symbol appeared, a little moment of panic would set in, especially because it always seemed to happen when I was nowhere near a charger!

So, to save my mum that same moment of panic, I decided to get her a smart charging case from Phinexi. Now, the website claimed this case to be the slimmest and smartest of it’s kind and claimed it to be able to ‘double a phone’s battery life’. To be totally honest with you, I was sceptical but with it costing a reasonable £29.99 (which is a similar price to your standard case from Apple), I was willing to give it a chance.

When the case arrived I have to say, I was totally surprised by how slim it actually was, the case is also very sturdy and a really nice quality (which is great if you’re anything like me and have a tendency to drop phones – the Iphone six in question is on it’s third screen!).

One of the great things about this case is that there’s no need to take it off your phone to charge it, you simply charge your phone in the case as normal and it charges them both at the same time. Once charged, the case has five small lights at the bottom of it to let you know how much life it holds. So, once it starts to get low you double tap the cute little heart button (that’s also at the bottom of the case) and your phone soon has the 100% battery life we all know and love.

Phinexi say the case gives your phone 140% battery life and they’re not wrong, my mum’s phone lasted 4 days in the case before it needed charging again (pretty decent hey!).

To be fair, this case is pretty cool and to be honest, although the Iphone seven does have a more acceptable battery life than it’s predecessors (it’s about time Apple), I’m planning to order myself the Iphone seven version of this case pretty soon!

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