A Day in Blackpool…

Last month Mark and I went to Blackpool for the day. I did go as a child but it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go back for a while now, it’s just been tricky getting the grump to agree. Finally (after ten years of trying) he agreed, and only because of the Star Trek Exhibition that is there at the moment (thank goodness for Captain Kirk!).

So, we started the day with a quick bite to eat in a local cafe and then made our way to the Star Trek Exhibition. Now, not being a big ‘Trekky’ myself, I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of this place, but I really enjoyed it. I have seen a number of episodes/films so I have some understanding of who’s who and what’s what and I do think this helped.


This place is situated on ‘The Golden Mile’ (the name that’s given to the stretch of promenade between the North and South piers) and is fairly straight forward to find. Tickets are around ten pounds each (although booking in advance will save you a couple of quid), which I think is very reasonable. If you’re thinking of paying this place a visit, it is only there for a limited amount of time (until April 2017), so you might want to bear this in mind.

When you first enter, there are instructions to download a free app for your phone. This is quite handy as it allows you to scan bar codes on your way around for extra information, it also does this (I’m glad I got the car keys off him first!)…😂

As you make your way around the exhibition, there is plenty to look at, from actual props, scripts, pieces of set, costumes worn by actors such as Patrick Stewart and William Shatner, a replica of a shuttle signed by many of the actors and even a Borg!

Much to Mark’s delight, there is also an opportunity to walk ‘through the ship’ and sit in Captain Kirks chair…

After here we went to mix with the stars at Madame Tussauds, this is also on The Golden Mile and costs around seventeen pounds each (but again, it’s cheaper online). Having been to the London one, I have to say this one isn’t exactly on a par, but it’s much better then I expected it to be and is definitely still worth a visit…



The grump even dressed up for the occasion… 😂

Madame Tussaudes image 4.jpg

After Madame Tussauds, we browsed the gift shops and walked along the promenade, before deciding to walk ‘The Golden Mile’ and make our way to the Pleasure Beach. However, after walking what turned out to be 1.6 miles (not a mile), we found that it’s thirty pounds to get in! Now, call us tight bums but thirty pounds?! So, we turned on our heels and walked 1.6 miles back to get some posh fish and chips (Harry Ramsden’s) before heading home.


Have you guys ever been to Blackpool? If so, what did you get up too? Did you go to the Pleasure beach? Let me know in the comments below! 

I just want to leave you with something that I think really sums up Blackpool…😂



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