Griddle Plate Cajun Chicken Burgers

It’s no secret that the grump does all of the cooking in our house and if you read my ‘Get to know me‘ post you will know that (until they took it off the menu) I loved the Frankie & Benny’s Cajun Chicken burger. So, last weekend Mark decided to make his own version of it and he did such a good job that I thought i’d share it with you all.

Start by slicing the chicken, then place the chicken into a plastic bag and adding Olive Oil, Paprika and Garlic before shaking the bag to make sure the spices mix together nicely.

To fry the chicken we used a cast iron griddle plate that we recently got from Savisto and I have to say, these things are great. (On a side note, if you haven’t used Savisto before, I definitely recommend having a mooch around their site as this product was delivered within three days and came really well packaged).

Before placing the chicken on the griddle plate, spray on some Fry Light and pre-heat the plate for around two minutes as this will assist with the non-stick side of things. The plate is reversible and has a griddle side and a flat side. For this particular meal we used the griddle side as it gives the chicken a chargrilled look and a BBQ taste. We fried the chicken for about ten minutes, before adding some Tarrogan.


The plate is a great size, was easy to use and cooked the chicken beautifully, it does create a lot of smoke though so make sure your kitchen is well ventilated as it’s effectively like having an indoor BBQ.

To accompany the chicken, we had sweet potato wedges and a corn on the cob. After boiling the corn on the cob, we griddled it alongside the brioche buns that were housing the chicken and it gave them a lovely BBQ taste.

Add the chicken, some lettuce and some Cajun Mayo onto the bun and here’s the final result…

I have to admit, when we started using the Griddle plate, I thought it was going to be a nightmare to clean but it wasn’t actually too bad. On the back of the box, it suggests using only hot water and no washing up liquids etc (as this can cause rust). Although, it did take some time to clean thoroughly, it did come up really well with just water.

I do have one warning for you all though…don’t clean around the sink whilst the plate is in there and accidentally brush your hand across it like this numpty did…🙈



8 thoughts on “Griddle Plate Cajun Chicken Burgers

  1. bericebaby says:

    I have to admit I only discovered the griddle a couple years ago & LOVE IT! I love cooking chicken on it the best. Your food looks so yummy, Im starving now LOL
    Great post hun, hope his/yours hand heels soonish.
    Charlotte x

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