Renovating our bedroom…

Following on from ‘Making the house, our home, part three’ in which I took you upstairs for the first time, I thought it would make sense to tell you all about the renovation of our bedroom.

This room just needed a lick of paint really as it wasn’t too bad. It had cream walls and a light brown carpet which seemed pretty new, I think the seller had this fitted just to sell the house to be honest.

old bedroom image

However, in true Faye style, I wanted to change the lot (this was one of the last rooms we did, so by this point the grump was no longer surprised and just went with it 🙊).

Mark already had a brown leather bed that was pretty new so we decided to use that for the time being. I wanted a colour scheme that would match the brown bed but also one that would still be okay if we were to get a new bed (this is something I plan to do, I’m just biding my time before telling the grump 😉).

As the bed is quite masculine, I wanted to make sure the room didn’t turn out that way. After some suggestions from the big sis, a tinker on Pinterest and agreement from the grump, we decided on a grey and mustard scheme.

I found the wallpaper on Wallpaper Direct  and fell in love with it straight away. I just loved the 70’s look to it and with our house being built in 1971 I thought it would be quite nice to add a touch of this era to the room. Also, the wallpaper is made by Layla Faye so to me this just made it even more perfect.

We decided on a grey carpet and that’s not as simple as you would think…there are so many grey carpets out there…so many different shades, different thicknesses, different materials – crazy! In the end, we got the carpet from a shop close to where we live called IRM Carpets which is based in Queensferry (the same place we got our stair carpet from). Now, the stair carpet is fine, but something strange is going on with the bedroom carpet and any advice you can give on this would be great…

So, the day after we had the carpet fitted we noticed a mark by the doorway, we assumed it was just a slight fault so decided to ignore it…

Over the following weeks, these marks just continued to appear one by one and we have absolutely no idea why?! Just in case you’re thinking it,’s NOT my straighteners because I don’t/have never straightened my hair in the area in which they are. The feel of them is similar to that of a burn as they are rock hard but it is honestly not my straighteners.

We have been back to the shop we got the carpet from and showed them pictures, but they were as useful as a chocolate fire guard and basically told us it was a burn (from my straighteners), they also practically called us liars when we told them that I don’t straighten my hair in that area. They couldn’t even be bothered to come out and have a look – nice of them!

We’re hoping to get an independent carpet specialist to take a look soon to see if it is a fault and if so we will be going back to that shop!

In the mean time, my lovely mustard rug from Ikea will have to continue covering them up. However if you guys have any idea as to what this might by then do leave a comment to let me know because it’s confusing the heck out of us…





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