Bank Holiday Saturday: Drinks in Chester

Saturday (28th May) was actually the grump and mine’s tenth anniversary. Ten years!!! How did that fly by so quickly?! It’s hard to believe it has actually been that long, it’s also hard to believe we haven’t killed each other 😳😂. However, we didn’t actually spend the day together (we’re not the most sentimental of couples). Instead, Mark went to Oulton Park to watch the British F3 motor racing with one of his mates and I went for a girlie day in Chester with my mum, big sis and auntie…

It was my mum’s birthday on Friday 27th May, so this trip to Chester was a little celebration for that. We started off having a mooch around some shops, which resulted in us trying on some ridiculously high shoes that were lovely, but none of us could walk in 😂 (I seriously have no idea how people manage it!)

shoes image

I’m in the yellow, mum in the pink & my auntie in the blue!

After this, we went to Ed’s Diner for some lunch (classy hey!). Now I have to admit, I completely forgot to take a photo of my burger because I saw how nice it looked and just ate it (oops). I can however, tell you what we had and how nice they all were. I had a grilled chicken burger, my mum had a chicken and bacon burger, the sis had the Elvis burger and my auntie the pulled pork burger. You can get the burger on it’s own or you can add an Ed’s plate – this is fries/sweet potato fries, onion rings and coleslaw and add’s an extra four pound to the price.

We also had milkshakes, I opted for the Lotus Biscoff deluxe shake and I have to say, it was just to die for 😍.

As I said, we all enjoyed the food (and most definitely the milkshakes) and I would certainly recommend giving it a try.

After Ed’s Diner we did a bit more shopping before going to The Botanist  for a few drinks. Sam had a voucher for a free bottle of Prosecco, she got this by filling out the most ridiculously long survey so was adamant we were having it (not that we complained).

prosecco image

This went down a treat (especially with the mother who must have had three glasses within the space of twenty minutes! 🙈). We then moved onto cocktails, which came served in a watering can…

After a fair few drinks, LOTS of giggles, the start of fuzzy heads and me and Sam coming back from the toilet to find my mother and auntie chatting up two terrified young men, we decided it would be wise to get some desserts. And what a bloody good decision this was because they were delicious. Me and P (my auntie) shared a cookie dough dessert with salted caramel ice cream 😍, my mum had Elderflower Jelly and Red Berry Pavlova and Sam had Rocky Road Kebab…

We really did have the best time and the more the drinks flowed, the more we laughed. I genuinely love these ladies so, so much 😍…

On the way back from Chester, I text the grump with “Oh dear, the mother’s merry” and his reply was…”this I must see”, so as to not disappoint him, the ladies came back to our house with me (their only condition being there was more alcohol 😂). We got home around 6:30pm and continued the party until Matt (who had literally just got off the plane from Canada and was faced with slightly drunk ladies) picked them up.

As we’ve just had our tenth anniversary, I thought i’d end the post with some pics of the grump and me when we first met and some of us now…(I’ve aged the best, right? 😜)

me and mark image 1





3 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Saturday: Drinks in Chester

  1. Jess says:

    Omg the lotus shakes at Eds make life truly worth living. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but I heard a vicious rumor that they were getting rid of them :(!!!!! Sounds like you had a lovely time, even if you were apart haha. Congrats on 10 years!

    Liked by 1 person

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