Top Ten Tips to Survive Living With A Boy…

I’ve been living with a boy for around three months now, which obviously means I’m a bit of an expert at it 😂.

Okay, I may not be an expert, but I have got to know his little ‘quirks’ and how to handle them. I know every boy is different, but I thought i’d share them with you just in case you have plans to move in with a boy anytime soon.

Firstly, just don’t do it! haha…I am joking of course. Here’s my top ten tips for survival:

1) Let him stick to his routine – I don’t know about your boy, but mine has a very strict routine that he sticks too religiously. My tip to you is to not try to change it, believe me ladies, just work around’s safer this way.

sheldon giphy.gif


2) Learn to shut up  – Okay, so he’s in a grump and not being very pleasant. I get you want to shout at him (and probably shake him) but I’ve come to the conclusion that this doesn’t help. Simply keeping quiet and letting him have a rant is much more effective and cuts down the argument time massively.

shake giphy.gif


3) If he says he wants to cook, let him – The grump does all the cooking in our house, not going to lie to you this is mainly because I can’t (well, I say I can’t but I haven’t really tried). I often get told by other people that I should “do my bit in the kitchen” but personally I don’t see anything wrong with leaving it to Mark. It would be different if he hated cooking and wanted me to share but I have offered and he’s happy to do it, so leave him to it I say!

manuel cooking gif.gif

Source: YouTube/Giphy

4) Remember it’s his home too – As much as I would have loved the living room to be Formula One free, I think it’s important to embrace your boy adding a touch of his personality to the room too. After all he owns fifty percent of the place and needs to feel at home. I think the grump was shocked when I suggested he should display two of his favourite F1 car models (I did however make him choose two that matched the colour scheme 🙊). He also got cheeky and sneaked in a model of Ayrton Senna’s helmet (he’s an ex driver who is his all time hero in case you’re wondering).

living room formula one cars image.JPG

5) Know how to share TV – This is something that I think Mark and myself do well. There are lots of programs that we watch together as we do like a lot of the same stuff (which is lucky), however, there is also stuff that we watch separately. As I mentioned earlier, grump has ‘a routine’ and goes to bed earlier than me, this is the perfect time to catch up on soaps that I have recorded earlier. He also gets up earlier than me, so this is when he watches his recordings. Thank god for Sky!

sky planner image.JPG

6) Share the jobs- As I said, Mark’s the chef and I play the role of ‘Wishy Washy’ as I do all of the washing and ironing. However, when it comes to the cleaning, we tend to share the load and there’s no designated roles as such. We tend to just clean together; it gets done much quicker this way and it saves the arguments.

washing machine gif


7) Learn to love his PlayStation time – It’s something they have done from a young age and something that they love. Encouraging Playstation time not only means you get girlfriend points, but it also means you get some time to do what you want – win, win in my image

8) Understand that stuff isn’t going to get done the first time you ask – All that needs to be said about this one ladies is don’t expect too much from him straight away. If he doesn’t do it the first time you ask, keep dropping hints. Give him subtle reminders and when he eventually gets round to doing it, he will think he’s remembered himself and you won’t get accused of nagging.

mug image


9) Suggest he has a ‘Man Cave’ – I know I said earlier that you need to be ok with boy stuff about the house, but the thing is, Mark came with A LOT of stuff.  And when it came to decorating, I pretty much chose everything. So, (if you have the space) I fully encourage you to turn your spare room into a Man Cave. This way he can roam free, pig out and do whatever he wants in there. My grump chose everything from the paint colour and the carpet to the Formula One memorabilia that’s now covered the room (it’s better in there then all over the house!).formula one cars image

10) Don’t forget to have some time to yourself – I personally think this is the most important of them all. Remember, you have lived your own lives for years and suddenly you’re in each other pockets. Make time for yourself, go shopping with your mum and sis or go out with friends and make sure that he does the same.

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