Making the house, our home, Part Three

It’s been a while since part two of my ‘Making the house, our home’ series, so I thought I would plod on with part three and take you upstairs.

But before we get upstairs, let me chat a bit about our hallway. To be fair, this room didn’t need that much doing to it, the biggest task we faced was stripping off the wood chip that the walls were covered in from skirting to ceiling; I don’t know if you have ever had to do this yourselves but believe me, it was not pleasant 🙈. We also had to get a bit of plastering done in here because when steaming the wood chip off on one particular patch of the wall the plaster just crumbled away, leaving a massive hole (I still have no idea why this happened!).Mark deorating image

For the hall, stairs and landing we chose paint from Wickes, in fact, we used Wickes paint for most rooms, its a cracking paint to work with and a great price. This particular colour is Earl Grey (which is quite apt because the grump is a big fan of Earl Grey tea), we decided on a stripy carpet for the stairs and landing and a dark wooden floor (to flow with the living room) in the hallway. 

door mat image

This was the grumps choice (but I love it!)

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…lets go upstairs (to the bathroom to be more specific).

Although the bathroom was livable when we got the house, we decided to just completely gut it and start again, we changed everything from the floorboards to the blinds.

old bathroom image

This was the bathroom before we go to work on it.

We got someone in to do this room because we knew it would be done quicker and meant we didn’t have to think about it. We decided on a black and white theme and to just accessorise with colour (which I allowed the grump to choose and was surprised by how well he did).

I was adamant that I wanted a ‘square’ bathroom suite,  because I think these look modern and sleek. We got the toilet and sink  in a sale at B&Q for a great price and got the bath from Huws Gray. The taps, shower and shower screen are from Victoria Plumb  and I have to say they’re a really great quality.

The tiles are from Tile Giant  in Chester, I had originally planned to get glossy tiles for both the black wall and the floor but the grump decided that gloss tiles, water and bare feet would result in an accident 🙈.

It’s not the worlds biggest bathroom, but I wanted some form of unit for storage. We got one from B&Q in the end, our local store was closing down so again, we got it at clearance price (we sound tight don’t we? I promise that the grump is the tight one, not me).

Bathroom image 2

To finish it off, we added some aubergine (the grumps chosen colour) accessories and a towel radiator. I love the overall finish of this room, but my god it’s hard to keep clean…especially when you have a grump who likes to shave and leave little hairs all over the sink!Bathroom image 3

Want to see more? Take a look at our bedroom renovation here… 

12 thoughts on “Making the house, our home, Part Three

  1. Sarah Twist says:

    Stunning room and hall! I feel your pain on the little hairs in the sink… I’ve been trying to get Grey to grow out his beard haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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