Guest Post: Living with Ella…

Hey cherubs! Something a bit different today, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re getting a break from my wittering as I’ve decided to let my big sis Sam loose on my blog…

This blog post has been written by her, she is a little more handy in the kitchen than I am:

You know that scene in ratatouille where little chef (the rat) feeds the mean old food critic some ratatouille and it takes him right back to his childhood? Well, Ella (deliciously) is my rat. Maybe I should explain…

I am Sam. Big sister and BFF of this resident blogger. My little Faye has asked me to become a guest blogger (I think for those times when she just wants to put her feet up), and I thought where better to start than a little about me and my favourite rat… Ella. Okay, I’m actually going to stop calling her that because I actually LOVE HER.

As an Aura Migraine sufferer (please don’t think Faye and I are the sickly sisters), I haven’t been able to eat cheese or onion since I was a teen, which is as crappy as it sounds. As an FYI, my death row last meal would be cheese on toast and a glass of fresh orange because I can’t have citrus either (FML). Anyway this is where Ella, who’s not a fan of onions and lives by a ‘free from’ diet, stepped in and gave me back my life…. Now you know where Faye gets her drama queen traits from.


One of the many things Ella has introduced me to is Nutritional Yeast, which tastes better than it sounds (yes, I am one of those childish people who hates words like yeast and moist). Nutritional yeast basically looks and smells a little bit like fish food but when added to milk or water tastes like a cheese sauce. This is where my ratatouille moment comes in… Yes ladies and gentlemen, at the grand old age of thirty-one, I was taken right back to my six year-old self over a bowl of Mac and cheese…. Yummmmmm (I know that nobody cares, but this might have been one of the best moments of my life).

Just to be clear, Ella has given me way more than cheese. Her recipes have really opened me up to a whole new way of eating, and I have discovered that energy really does come from eating the right foods. Maybe, if Faye will have me back I can tell you a little bit more about my Ella discoveries and review a few of her recipes?!

I would also love to come back and tell you all about ‘Fayeisms’ and how she loves the smell of incest.

So adoring living with a boy followers, I will leave you with this yummy orange goo food pic of Ella’s Butternut squash Risotto which, even though I welded it to the pan whilst I was writing this, was actually very yummy.

ella butternut squash risotto image


Bye for now… Sasasam x

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Living with Ella…

    • fayelambert20 says:

      Thanks for reading Vicky! I totally agree with you! I’m hopeless in the kitchen, which normally means someone else cooks…and because of that I end up having to do the washing up!! 😣 xx


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