Yoga, The Grump’s Running Machine & Me…

As I mentioned in my ‘floppy joints’ post, I’ve recently started yoga classes to try and get both physically and mentally healthier. I’ve been going for about a month now and I can honestly say that apart from one incident (which I may share with you later in the post), it’s going well and I’m already starting to feel the benefit.

I go to one class a week, which is on a Monday night and lasts an hour and a half with my big sis, Sam. To be honest with you, half way through my very first class, after watching how amazing others were at head and shoulder stands and struggling with what seemed to be the simplest of moves myself, I began to wonder if I would ever be going back. Not wanting to give up so quickly, I went back and even though it was only the second class, I already felt that I was starting to get the hang of it and haven’t looked back since.

Once I knew I was 100% committed my lovely big sis decided to treat me to my own kit (Thanks again Sam!☺). She bought me a yoga mat (the purple one is mine), two blocks, a brick, a belt and a lovely teal bag to carry it all in…

Ok…I suppose because I mentioned it earlier, I should now probably tell you about the ‘incident.’ 🙊

So, at the end of every class we go into Shavasana, which, just in case you don’t know is a small rest/sleep where you lie flat on your back with your eyes closed and listen to the yoga teacher who is speaking slowly to you, relaxing you and making you aware of your body and your breathing.

During one of my Shavasana’s, I was lying on the floor listening to my teacher who asked us to put our “arms to the ceiling” (or at least that’s what I thought was said!). So there I was, lying on my back, chilling out with my arms in the air when I hear a whisper “Faye, Faye, put your arms down!” followed by what sounded like somebody trying their dammed hardest to hold in a laugh. I opened my eyes to notice that not one other person had their arms in the air…the whisper was my sister! It turns out, what the teacher actually said was “put your palms to the ceiling”, meaning leave your arms on the floor and turn your hands over!  🙈

Bearing in mind that during Shavasana you cannot hear a pin drop, both Sam and myself tried so hard to not laugh (can you imagine how hard it was to hold in those giggles!). I’d love to say that we managed it, but we didn’t…all I could hear next to me was the laughter trying it’s best to burst out of Sam, before hearing her footsteps running out of the room, whilst jumping over bodies!!  I managed to hold mine in (just), disguising a number of little spurts of laughter as a cough! It was definitely one of those situations where knowing you can’t laugh just makes you laugh all the more!

On a separate note, I’ve also treated myself to some new trainers which meant being forced to go on the grumps running machine! Man, it’s tough…I only did fifteen minutes (with a little break in the middle) and it felt like i’d ran a marathon!! But…I do plan to keep at it as I have three weddings coming up and at this rate i’ll be buying some sucky in knickers….

fayes new trainers image.JPG






5 thoughts on “Yoga, The Grump’s Running Machine & Me…

  1. Georgia says:

    Oooh loving your yoga kit, sister’s are the best!! I’ve been doing yoga for a few months between my Pilates and I too still struggle with some of the poses, but I can now stand on one foot without toppling over! Haha! I admire anyone who begins an exercise journey and yoga is such a great one to start, it’s empowering and you will feel so strong and mindful because of it! Also good luck with the running machine, hate those things but it beats doing the phoebe run in public (friends reference, please say you know what I mean?!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • fayelambert20 says:

      haha! Yeah, I know the Phoebe run all too well! 🙊 Pilates is something that I have been considering starting for a while now. I suffer with Hypermobility Syndrome and I’ve been told that Pilates is particularly good for helping this. I think it’s time I looked into starting a class! Thanks for reading Georgia xx


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