Making the house our home, Part One

I figured that a good place to start would be to show you where our house began and where it’s at now. Although I will be piping up occasionally, you’ll be pleased to know that this post will mainly be pictures & not me waffling!!

So, let’s start with downstairs…

The original layout was a hallway, living /dining room, a separate kitchen and a conservatory. This layout works perfectly well, but, of course…I had other plans! And after much persuasion, I finally got the grump to agree to ‘just knocking a wall down here and building a wall there’ – as easy as that!  😉

The kitchen:

The first thing we did in the kitchen was rip out what was already there. We wanted to make a kitchen/diner instead of the living/dining room, so the second thing we did was knock down the wall that divided the rooms.



The wall to the left is the one that needed knocking down!

Luckily for us Mark’s uncle is a civil engineer, so he advised us on what needed to be done. We were told that the wall that needed knocking down was a supporting wall (not so lucky for us!), so we would need a beam putting in to support what was being left behind (you can imagine how much more persuading it took to get the grump to agree to this now!). But..the grump agreed (eventually) and this is exactly what we did!

At this point we also had a brand new heating system fitted (after originally being told we would just need a new boiler!!) and a complete house re-wire because the electrics were illegal (another lovely surprise to tell the grump!).

IMG_2489.JPG IMG_2490IMG_2493.JPG IMG_2895IMG_2897.JPG IMG_2901IMG_2902.JPG

We decided on a grey gloss kitchen, with oak worktops from Howdens; if this is something you’re planning to do, then just an FYI to has to be done through someone in the trades (we got ours through the account of the guy who fitted out heating!).

Someone from Howdens came to measure up and the kitchen came fully assembled, so it was just a case of fitting it (in theory) with no cutting required! But of course, it didn’t happen that easily…

My lovely dad had the mammoth task of fitting the kitchen (the little gem that he is!) and with a little help from us all, that’s exactly what he did, but not without challenges! The sink unit and the one next to it needed cutting to fit into place, the housing for the integrated fridge/freezer had to be cut and the back completely removed just to fit the fridge in (even though Howdens told us that the unit was universal and would fit any appliance), the oven housing needed cutting….the list could go on! But eventually, it started to come together….

IMG_3401.JPG IMG_3403.JPG

Although there are still a few little bits to be done, we’re super proud of the end result and it looks better than we ever expected…

IMG_4130.JPGIMG_4129.JPGIMG_4131IMG_4139  IMG_4132 IMG_4141IMG_4142.JPG

If you fancy it…why not check out part two!


15 thoughts on “Making the house our home, Part One

  1. Gino says:

    Great post indeed. Not that it is worth mentioning but SDB kitchens helped with the design didn’t they Faye?

    Either way, the house is looking lovely and its great to see you on the bloggersphere.

    G x

    Liked by 1 person

    • fayelambert20 says:

      Thanks Emilie. We found choosing the kitchen hard too!! There is so much choice. We knew we wanted a grey kitchen but didn’t realise there were so many grey kitchens out there!! xx


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